Why learning a language when the technology is so advanced that you can have a translator in your pocket?


Nowadays, translation apps and other technologies are making international communication easier.
So why should we learn a language when we can just use available technologies?

1- Learning a language for professional reasons

phone call

No technology is available at the moment to assist you when you have to deal with international clients or suppliers over the phone. Learning a language is also learning a new culture. It helps to understand behaviours and avoid cultural faux pas.

2-Learning a language to immigrate abroad


More than a visa requirement, learning the language of your new home country is an absolute must-do.

3-Learning a language for your partner


Nowadays, more and more couples are bi-national. Even if you obviously manage to communicate together, learning each other’s language is sometimes necessary to communicate with your family-in-law.

4-Learning a language to travel abroad


Human contacts cannot be replaced by technologies: asking for directions, ordering at the restaurants, chatting with locals…

5-Learning a language for fun


Learning a new language is fun! You learn about new cultures and it is also very good to keep your brain fit!

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