General English Intensive Course – English School in Cape Town

General English Intensive Course – English School in Cape Town

12 Week General English Intensive Course

If you want to learn English in Cape Town, then we would like to welcome you to the Language Teaching Centre, LTC. The General English Intensive Course is for student who want to learn English fast. It’s our most popular English Course at LTC.

This course teaches students the basics of the English language including the four language skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening, as well as pronunciation and grammar.

Course Information:

We use the Oxford University’s New Headway English material to supplement our Courses. The syllabus is perfectly-balanced and has a strong grammar focus.  It is the world’s best-selling adult English course. The class audio CD puts a focus on listening, word and syllable stress and intonation.  It gives the student a chance to enhance his or her listening skills through exposure to different accents.

The course book includes a thorough Grammar Reference section to assist with the understanding and implementation of the various concepts.  The course material is up to date and focuses on various cultures.

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Course Information:

The syllabus for each level is composed of 12 Units, which are completed over a period of 6 weeks. We cover 2 units of the course material per week.  Students are only allowed to move to a higher level if they’ve passed the relevant test.  If the student has made an exceptional amount of progress, then the student will be re-assessed and tested for the next level.

Our aim is to create an environment where our students feel comfortable to learn.  For this to happen, our lessons are designed to be fun and interactive, while maintaining a high standard of education.

This course encompasses 20 lessons per week.  We believe in having small classes of 3 – 8 learners as this allows us to facilitate an intimate learning environment. Our course is open to anyone looking to study English in Cape Town.

You can choose between a 2 week, 6 week or 12 week course.

Conversation Lessons:

As you know, learning a language is about speaking the language and our conversation lessons are perfect for developing your conversational skills.   These are group lessons where you have the opportunity to speak about various topics of interest.  Conversation lessons help to develop your fluency in the language.

This course encompasses 30 lessons per week: The General English course in the morning and conversation lessons in the afternoon.

We believe in having small classes of 3 – 8 learners as this allows us to facilitate an intimate learning environment.

Our courses are open to anyone looking to learn the English language.

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Course Levels and Course Curriculum:

Elementary Level

Unit 1: Verb to Be
Unit 2: Present Simple (1)
Unit 3: Present Simple (2)
Unit 4: There is/are
Unit 5: Can/Can’t/Was/Were
Unit 6: Past Simple (1)
Unit 7: Past Simple (2)
Unit 8: Countable and Uncountable nouns
Unit 9: Comparative, Superlative adjectives
Unit 10: Present Continuous
Unit 11: Going to (Future)
Unit 12: Present Perfect

Pre-Intermediate Level

Unit 1: Tense Review
Unit 2: Present Tenses
Unit 3: Past Tenses
Unit 4: Quantity adverbs
Unit 5: Verb Patterns
Unit 6: Comparative/Superlative adjectives
Unit 7: Present Perfect
Unit 8: Modal Verbs
Unit 9: Past Perfect
Unit 10: Passives
Unit 11: Present Perfect Continuous
Unit 12: First Conditional/ Second Conditional

Intermediate Level

Unit 1: Tense Review
Unit 2: Present Tenses
Unit 3: Past Tenses
Unit 4: Modal Verbs
Unit 5: Future forms
Unit 6: Information Questions
Unit 7: Present Perfect
Unit 8: Verb Patterns
Unit 9: First, Second and Third Conditionals
Unit 10: Noun Phrases
Unit 11: Modals of Probability
Unit 12: Reported Speech

Upper-Intermediate Level

Unit 1: Tense System Review
Unit 2: Present Perfect
Unit 3: Narrative Tenses
Unit 4: Questions and Negatives
Unit 5: Future Forms
Unit 6: Expressions of Quantity
Unit 7: Modal Verbs
Unit 8: Relative Clauses and Participles
Unit 9: Expressing Habit
Unit 10: Modal Verbs (2)
Unit 11: Hypothesizing
Unit 12: Articles and Determiners

Advanced Level

Unit 1: Avoiding Repetition
Unit 2: Tense Review
Unit 3: Adverb Collocation
Unit 4: Discourse Markers
Unit 5: Ways of Adding Emphasis
Unit 6: Distancing the facts
Unit 7: Modal Auxiliary Verbs
Unit 8: Real and Unreal Tense Usage
Unit 9: Verb Patterns
Unit 10: Intensifying Adverbs
Unit 11: Relatives and Participles
Unit 12: Linking Devices

Alternate Options:

If the General English Intensive Course is not suitable for you, there are several other course options available.

Please take a look at the following options:

About the Lessons:

We will provide you the course material in the first lesson.  This usually consists of a book and CD, and you will need to bring your own notebook and pens to class.   We focus on developing all four language skills in the lessons; Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing and strive to make our lessons interactive.  At the end of your course, you will have to write an examination.  Upon successful completion of the examination, you will be awarded a certificate.  Our pass mark is set to 70%, so you must make sure that you study hard!


General English Intensive courses are best suited to those who are serious about learning the language in a short time, and who don’t mind spending until 3pm at school every day, Monday to Friday.  Come and learn English in Cape Town at LTC.

Price per Student:

1 – 3 weeks: 290 Euro per week
from 4th week: 270 Euro per week

Specials Long Term Rates:

12 weeks: 2880 Euro
24 weeks: 5040 Euro

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