South Africa provides volunteering opportunities to help those in need through various non-profit organisations. While a vibrant, multicultural country, South Africa is also still developing; with its share of social, economic and environmental issues. There are numerous NGOs in operation that seek to solve specific problems in South African society, allowing you to become involved in socially developing, educating and uplifting the country.

LTC volunteer programs


Duration: minimum 4 weeks – 1 year

Option 1: Volunteer placement fee 420 Euro includes: placement + introduction to placement

Option 2: 2210 Euro for 8 weeks includes: placement, introduction to placement + home-stay incl. breakfast and dinner

LTC volunteer projects


Animal projects:

Horse riding for Children with Disabilities, Horse Care units and Dogs & Cats units at different South African institutions , Cart Horse project

Sports projects:

Tennis for children

Environmental projects:

Different ‘Green projects’ (Fee on request)


Wildlife project + community project in the Eastern Cape (Fee on request)

Humanitarian projects:

Home for previously disadvantaged young men
Refugee Center
Shelter for abused women and children
After-school programs
Teaching projects
Children’s Homes
Children’s Home