Cape Town is a magnificent city which is surrounded by beautiful attractions such as Table Mountain, Cape Point and Camps Bay Beach. The city has an amazing infrastructure and the people are friendly which attracts a tourist’s attention from day one. The atmosphere in the ‘Mother City’ is different from any other as you can feel the vibe from the moment you arrive.  Cape Town is an exciting place to be throughout the year. It offers great indoor and outdoor shopping, gourmet restaurants and world-class entertainment that give visitors a fantastic study experience.

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The Climate

Cape Town is wonderful to explore during all seasons. Temperatures range from a maximum of 35 in summer and drops to 12 degrees in winter. To explore the beautiful beaches, paragliding and mountain hiking the best time to visit Cape Town would be summer (November-March). In summer, the sun is warm coupled with a refreshing sea breeze from the ocean. Winter (May-August) is bearable in Cape Town and one can enjoy eating out and the live entertainment in the city. Many restaurants and historical museums offer fantastic specials during the winter months. Any season is a good season in Cape Town.  Cape Town’s climate is just as friendly as its people.

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Find More Information

You can click on the following links for information about Cape Town and its natural attractions. Visit tourism centres at the airport and in the city centre for more information about Cape Town and its many attractions.

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