English courses on WhatsApp

After the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, the Language Teaching Centre decided to promote social distancing by transferring the in-person courses to online courses.

After more than a year of operating online and offering distance learning, we realised that accessibility to language courses, even with the development of video conferencing such as Zoom, remains an issue for a big part of the South African population.

The equipment needed (smartphone from latest generations, tablet or laptop), as well as the cost of data and access to a reliable mobile connection, are indeed major obstacles.

Looking at the South African market, WhatsApp was the most popular app in 2020, according to Statista. It was consequently a tool that we had to consider in order to democratise the language courses.
After studying this new tool, we came up with an exclusive curriculum format:
Short lessons of 15 min to work on conversational skills.
The key to learning the language is “practice and repetition”. After the 15-min Whatsapp conversation, the teacher will be able to correct and give feedback to the learner who will be able to implement those new skills in a new lesson/conversation the next day. This format is improving the learner’s listening skills but not limited to. Pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary are also improving in a very easy, simple and fast way.

We offer the Whatsapp lessons for English and Afrikaans and we hope to be able to offer more languages soon.

If you want to start your learning journey: info@ltc-capetown.com

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