Online learning is the future

Online learning or distance learning is here to last. When “in-person” learning is still very popular, online learning is now playing a bigger role in training options.

distance learning

Distance learning is more than a temporary solution implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is now an established tool and here is why:

1- You can learn from the comfort of your home or your office.
What is better than learning from your comfy home?

2- Cost-effective: no transport or even accommodation for immersion courses.
Online or distance learning is helping to democratise access to education by reducing all the costs related to “in-person” learning.

3- Time efficient: No commuting time, no need to take your holidays to attend a course.
No need to be stuck in traffic to join your learning centre!

4- Increased accessibility: Location is no longer an issue.
You can learn from absolutely anywhere unless you have an internet connection and a screen!

5- Efficient: live learning is proven to be as efficient as “in-person” courses.
Would you say that your meetings with your colleagues are less effective online than being sitting in a board room? Online live learning is offering the same dynamic as the traditional classroom.

6- Entertaining: live learning format uses more interactive material such as videos, quizzes, etc more in correlation with our current modern habits than the traditional book.
Just looking at our day-to-day life, screens are all around us! Our lifestyle is changing so quickly with new technologies, why the learning environment should stay stuck in the past ?

If you want to start learning a language online:

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