Learning a new language is great for your career

It is common knowledge that having more than one language under your belt is great for career development. But what are the actual business benefits of speaking a second language? And how exactly does it help with career development? Well, let’s find out.
language makes travel easy

Work overseas

If you long to travel while working and spend part of your career abroad, learning a foreign language is the shortest route to being able to fulfil this dream.

Careers in the government or in international companies give you opportunities to apply for foreign postings, or other related career development opportunities if you speak the language of that area. There are numerous foreign language job opportunities around the world, and there are plenty of exciting opportunities for you to grasp.

Better at business

There are certain skills shared by all successful businessmen such as: creativity, negotiating skills, rationality, and open-mindedness. Luckily, these skills are enhanced by learning a new language. Language learning increases your decision-making, problem-solving and creativity skills.
learning a new language

You’ll have more creative ideas, solve problems faster, and make more rational decisions. All great skills for a job! So survive and perform better in business by learning a new language.

Cost cutting

Language services is a huge industry. Unfortunately, it is also a huge cost for businesses in terms of time and money. But this cost would be drastically reduced if employees were able to function and speak in different languages, as this would remove the need to hire a translator to translate documents or interpret meetings.

Obtain business in new markets

Learning a new language puts you above the rest and gives you a huge personal advantage when it comes to tapping into overseas markets.
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By being able to communicate with them in their own language, you’ll be better suited to do business with them than someone who can’t speak their language, and you will also be more culturally aware. Differences in business culture and etiquette are often misunderstood overseas, which can lead to business ventures being scrapped.

Broaden your personal network

By learning a new language you broaden your social networks. Being able to communicate in a different language will open you up to connections that would not be available to you otherwise. By being able to speak someone’s language you gain their trust immediately and build a bond. This gives you a massive competitive advantage as others who can’t speak the language may miss out on these connections.
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Learning a foreign language will impact your career way beyond the ability to communicate with people of different cultures.

Language Teaching Centre (LTC)

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