Afrikaans Course (AFR)


Are you ready to learn Afrikaans?

Afrikaans is one of the official languages of South Africa. People use it as a first or second language, and sometimes even as a third. It is also widely spoken in Namibia, and to a lesser degree in Botswana, Zimbabwe and other surrounding countries. The Afrikaans language is closely related to the Dutch language. The language traces its origins to the to the Dutch settlement of the Cape of Good Hope in the 17th century.

In post-apartheid South Africa, the Afrikaans language lost support from the government. However, it is still , after English, the most spoken language in South Africa. Afrikaans remains of the 11 official languages from South Africa.

Why should you learn Afrikaans?

  • Doing an Afrikaans course in Cape Town is fun!
  • It’s an easy language to learn
  • It’s a foundation for Dutch
  • You can connect with locals
  • It introduces you to various cultures

Learn Afrikaans with LTC

And why should you do an Afrikaans course in Cape Town? Well, Cape Town is a beautiful city where Afrikaans is one of the most spoken languages. You can try to speak Afrikaans with the inhabitants too! Cape Town is also the most popular tourist destination in South Africa. LTC organizes activities on a regular basis. These include going to the Table Mountain, the red bus tour, snake park and cultural activities such as visiting musea and much more!

LTC is located on the 9th floor in the city centre of Cape Town. What could be more fun than doing an Afrikaans language course in Cape Town with a beautiful view of Table Mountain from the classroom? Our courses are aimed at everybody who wants to learn a language and who wants to do Afrikaans lessons in Cape Town.

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