Zulu Course (ZU)

Which is more properly preferred IsiZulu is one of the 11 South African official languages. Zulu is similar to Xhosa language. Many Zulu letters sound approximately like their equivalents in English, while others are less similar.

This course encompasses can be take as full time, part time or crash course.

Full time course:
Lessons per week: 20
Monday to Friday
Times: 09H00 -12H30
Class size: max. 3-8 students

Part Time Course:
Course runs for 6 weeks
Lessons per week: 2
Times: 17H30 -19H00 twice a week
Class size: max. 3-8 students

Crash course:
Lessons per week: 35
Monday to Friday
Times: 09H00 -12H30 and 13H30 -16H00
Class size: max. 1-2 students*

Private lessons:
Minimum of 10 lessons to be booked

We believe in having small classes to allow us to facilitate an intimate learning environment.

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