English Courses
Learning English opens you up to a brand new world. English is now the international language, used in all corners of the globe. Learning English enables easier communication between diverse groups of people. This allows people to travel, form business alliances and communicate with the world. LTC offers English courses that suit everyone’s needs:
Program: General English Course (GE)
Program: General English Intensive Course (GEIC)
Program: Crash Course (CC)
Program: Business English (GE-BUS)
Program: General English + 10 Private Lessons
Program: Online English Course (OEC)
Foreign / South African Languages
At LTC, we offer the chance of learning different international languages such as Portuguese, French, German, Spanish, Arabic and Mandarin as well as South African languages including Xhosa, Zulu and Afrikaans. The more languages you know, the more people you can communicate with and the more cultures you can experience. With languages, the world is your oyster!
Program: Afrikaans Course (AFR)
Program: Arabic Course (ARB)
Program: French Course (FR)
Program: German Course (GER)
Program: Mandarin Course (MDR)
Program: Spanish Course (SPA)
Program: Portuguese Course (PO)
Program: Xhosa Course (XHO)
Program: Zulu Course (ZU)
Specialised Courses
Program: Cambridge Exam Preparation Course
Program: TOEFL Exam Preparation Course
Program: IELTS Exam Preparation Course

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