The French language, known as the ‘language of love’, has a very distinctive pronunciation and intonation. It is among the most spoken languages of the world; being spoken as the official language on five continents and in a total of 70 countries.

Learn the following phrases in French below:

Peter: Hello
Mary: Hello, how are you?
Peter: I’m good, and you?
Mary: I’m also good, thank you.
Peter: What is your name?
Mary: My name is Mary, and yours?
Peter: My name is Peter. Nice to meet you.
Mary: Nice to meet you too

Peter: Bonjour
Mary: Salut comment allez-vous?
Peter: Je vais bien et toi?
Mary: Je suis également bon, merci.
Peter: Comment vous appelez-vous?
Mary: Mon nom est Mary et le vôtre?
Peter: Mon nom est Peter. Ravi de vous rencontrer.
Mary: Ravi de vous rencontrer également

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