An important key to unlock the cultural of South Africa is the Xhosa language. Learning the basics of Xhosa will open doors to new relationships and experiences all over the country. The Xhosa language involves numerous clicking sounds that are formed by the tongue such as q, k, x, c. LTC will help you understand the language basics including greetings, common special words and pronunciation.

Learn the following phrases in Xhosa below:

Peter: Hello
Mary: Hello, how are you?
Peter: I’m good, and you?
Mary: I’m also good, thank you.
Peter: What is your name?
Mary: My name is Mary, and yours?
Peter: My name is Peter. Nice to meet you.
Mary: Nice to meet you too

Peter: Molweni
Mary: Molo unjani?
Peter: Ndilungile kwaye wena?
Mary: Ndiyinto enhle, ndiyabonga.
Peter: Ungubani igama lakho?
Mary: Igama lam nguMariya, kunye nawe?
Peter: Igama lam nguPetros. Ndiyavuya ukukwazi.
Mary: Ndiyavuya ukukwazi nawe

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