Zulu which is more properly preferred IsiZulu is one of the 11 South African official languages. Zulu is similar to Xhosa language. Many Zulu letters sound approximately like their equivalents in English, while others are less similar.

Learn the following phrases in Zulu below:

Peter: Hello
Mary: Hello, how are you?
Peter: I’m good, and you?
Mary: I’m also good, thank you.
Peter: What is your name?
Mary: My name is Mary, and yours?
Peter: My name is Peter. Nice to meet you.
Mary: Nice to meet you too

Peter: Sawubona
Mary: Sawubona Unjani?
Peter: Ngikulungile futhi wena?
Mary: Ngimnandi futhi, ngiyabonga.
Peter: Ubani igama lakho?
Mary: Igama lami nguMariya, neyakho?Peter Igama lami nguPeter. Ngijabulela ukukwazi.Mary Nami ngiyajabula ukukwazi

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