Start Learning Arabic the 6th most common language in the world and one of the official languages of the United Nations. It is also the official language in 22 countries and over 300 million people speak this wonderful language. If you are interested, we can arrange your lessons here at LTC.

Learn the following phrases in Arabic below:

Peter: Hello
Mary: Hello, how are you?
Peter: I’m good, and you?
Mary: I’m also good, thank you.
Peter: What is your name?
Mary: My name is Mary, and yours?
Peter: My name is Peter. Nice to meet you.
Mary: Nice to meet you too

Peter: Marhabaan
Mary: Marhabaan kayf halk?
مرحبا كيف حالك؟
Peter: ‘iinaa bikhayr wa’anat?
انا بخير وأنت؟
Mary: ‘ana ‘aydaan jayidatan, shukraan lika.
أنا أيضا جيدة، شكرا لك.
Peter: ma asmak?
ما اسمك؟
Mary: aismi mary, walakm?
اسمي ماري، ولكم؟
Peter: ‘iismi bitr. tashraft bimuqabaltik.
إسمي بيتر. تشرفت بمقابلتك.
Mary: suedt birawyatik
سُعدت برؤيتك

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