Welcome to the Waterfont!

Historically the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront port is the center of a modern and dynamic square situated close to the business district and the Cape Town National Football Stadium created for the World Cup in 2010.

The harbour was initially created by the English at the end of the 19th century and it was at the end of the eighties that this port became the image of South African success.

This is a perfect place to stroll along the harbour and discover the artists and sculptors who sing and dance for the spectators.

It is indeed on this port that you will find the South African spirit through its artists who are committed to the future and who have revived the debate on pollution and plastic. It is also through collaboration with artists from all over the world such as the Belgian artist who sculpted this great penguin. He denounces the over- use of plastic bags that are released into the oceans and that kill off marine animals

You will also have the opportunity to discover the V&A Food Market in a charming place that will guide you to the aquarium.

Seeing that Cape Town is the “centre of the world” you can always be guided by signs to the biggest cities in the world.

That’s also the charm of Cape Town – living a different experience everyday thousands of miles away and yet feeling at home! Because it’s never boring here!

Retracing your steps, you will discover restaurants and bars that offer a breathtaking view of the port and its shops or the Big Wheel.

You will have the opportunity to go to the V&A Food Market and discover fantastic people and products that will make you love this atypical and warm place. It is the place to come and have a drink or eat produce that you won’t find elsewhere!

Don’t hesitate to visit the V&A Waterfront which invites you to stay and take a tour of its most luxurious boutiques and small shops, including its “Pick n Pay” (supermarket).

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