LTC, the language school in Cape Town, has moved!


LTC, the language school in Cape Town, is moving to Touchstone house

As you might know, the Language Teaching Centre, the language school in Cape Town, has moved out of Pier House, located on 13 Heerengracht street, to 705 Touchstone house at number 7 Bree street. This is because the current building will be redeveloped in the new year.  We decided to move from Pier House because we want to ensure a peaceful learning environment for our students. On 3rd January we will continue the courses at our new home.

LTC in Pier House
Nicole teaching a lesson in the Pier House building


Thoughts about Pier house

We have gathered a few thoughts from our teachers about our old building, Pier house.  We start with Nicole, our Director of Studies; “I have been at LTC for 6 years now, so the old building has a lot of sentimental value for me. I have met so many amazing people here and each classroom has memories of fantastic people and special moments. However, I am very excited for new things and the opportunity to make more memories in our new building! I believe this new building and its 360 degree views will inspire our students as they learn English and enjoy beautiful Cape Town. I’m looking forward to it!”

As second we have asked Mark for his thoughts about our current school; “I have been at LTC for approximately three and a half years. During my time of teaching in this building I have met a lot of wonderful people. The unconditional support of my colleagues are inexplicable. Many people, from the cleaning staff to the security at the building reception had a tremendous impact on my life. Here I built character and shared precious moments. Change is here, and it’s good. I will leave this building with a positive mind and journey into the future new hopes and beginnings. Thank you’’

Views from Pier House
Views from LTC in Pier House

Jeannie, our administrator shared her thoughts about her time in Pier house; ‘’I have been here for about a year now and my favourite memories so far are those of the students all singing happy birthday for a birthday party in their different languages, it doesn’t matter how many students we have from different countries, everyone must do it in their mother tongue. I also really love watching students start with absolutely no English and then after a few months or even weeks they are chattering away confidently. Lastly it is an absolute pleasure to welcome back old students that have come back to LTC after months or even years away.

We also asked Ryan, the General Manager about his thoughts about our current building and he said; ‘’When a student comes back to LTC, it makes me very happy.  Many amazing students and teachers have crossed our threshold here at LTC in Cape Town, and it brings me great joy to know that we are making a difference in the lives of our students.  More than that, it’s when a student becomes part of the LTC family and makes life long brothers and sisters here.  Sometimes a student will return to continue their studies and other times, a student will pop in with their family when visiting Cape Town.  When I see how their faces have changed over time and hear how well they speak, then it puts a huge smile on our faces. Pier House holds many memories for LTC, and I know that the new building will bring even more amazing memories.’’

LTC staff members


The new home of LTC

The new school, located on 7 Bree street, Touchstone House, is on the 7th floor and has some upgrades compared to our current school. The new venue for the language school in Cape Town is greater than our current school and it gives us extra classrooms too. The new balcony is also a big plus, it’s perfect to enjoy the views and to catch a breath of fresh air. Students are also allowed to go to the rooftop to enjoy the beautiful view of the city, Table Mountain and the Waterfront.

The original building on site was built in 1985 as a warehouse. Although this was unfortunately destroyed in a fire, the original façade was preserved and has been incorporated in with the new building. There are also 8 parking levels, of which is quite unusual in the city. Aesthetically the new building blends in with the old one. Touchstone House offers elegant, yet modern architecture in keeping with the theme of the Foreshore and City Bowl.

LTC, the language schoool in Cape Town, is moving to Touchstone House
LTC, the language school in Cape Town will now be in Touchstone House

Bree Street, with its wide boulevard, historic architecture and tree lined central island offers trendy coffee shops and eateries. Touchstone House is conveniently close to the road network and within walking distance to public transport facilities. the Cape Town International Convention Centre and “de Waterkant” are just around the corner.  The is the perfect home for the language school in Cape Town.

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