Go abroad for your internship!

The world keeps changing and having global work or internship experience are a must in the current era. But an internship abroad is so much more than work experience, it’s about leaving your comfort zone and push yourself in every possible way.

Benefits of an internship abroad:

  1. You become more interesting for companies because you gain experience abroad
  2. The immense benefits of speaking a second language fluently
  3. Developing your global network. (Friendships and business relationships)
  4. You can bring your knowledge into practice and improve your skills and experience in the field of activity.
  5. Personal, academic and professional growth.

Tips for an internship abroad

  1. Make sure your resume speaks for you. Your CV can show who you are, what you’ve done and what you hope to achieve during an internship abroad.
  2. Find the right country for you. Certain aspects such as living cost, safety, and industry can influence your time abroad and internship outcome.
  3. Save enough money for extra costs and fun activities.
  4. Know what to expect, do some research into your destination country. Such as history and religion
  5. Learn some words of the language and cultural norms to fit in.
  6. Connect with your co-workers
  7. You will probably need an international insurance
  8. Wrap things up at home, meaning cutting out unnecessary subscription fees like gym memberships

But most of all enjoy your time abroad, make new friends, get out of your comfort zone and live your best life.

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