Foundational Learning Competence (FLC) – Study English in Cape Town

Foundational Learning Competence (FLC) – Study English in Cape Town

Foundation Learning Competence (FLC) Course

Language proficiency is closely linked to success in learning. Many adult learners have a gap in their understanding of, and ability to apply language and mathematical literacy concepts in the workplace. Learners are often able to perform a task in an occupational environment, yet, their language skills in English (normally the language of teaching and learning) are not adequate for optimal results. They are often unable to deal with theoretical concepts in learning material and the acquisition of new skills and knowledge in occupational training, thus hampering their progress.

This course is aimed at:

  • Employers that would like to develop their workers through offering skills development.
  • Employers preparing staff for further courses.
  • Workers who wish to progress in their trade or occupation through further study at NQF levels 2, 3 and 4.
  • Workers wishing to meet the minimum compulsory qualification for further studies in their trade or occupation.

Course Information:

The Foundational Learning Competence (FLC) is a module that has been established to upskill employees in the workplace.   The FLC offers a total of 40 credits and consists of two learning areas:

  • Communications (20 credits)
  • Mathematics Literacy (20 credits)

The FLC is a part qualification registered at NQF Level 2 and serves as the minimum requirement for people to function optimally in their jobs.   It has been set as the compulsory minimum requirement by the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) for training courses that operate at NQF Levels 3 & 4.

Learners will undertake an external summative assessment at the end of the course.

FLC Communications consists of:

  • Writing
  • Speaking and listening
  • Visual literacy
  • Language structure and usage
  • Study skills
  • Workplace terminology

FLC Mathematical Literacy consists of:

  • Number and quantity
  • Finance
  • Data and chance
  • Measurement
  • Space and shape
  • Patterns and relationships

Course Code: FLC

Course Duration:

Courses vary in duration, depending on the level of the learner.  The average duration of the FLC course is 4 months, either full or part time.

Alternate Options:

If the Foundational Learning Competence (FLC) Course is not suitable for you or your company, there are several other course options available.

Please take a look at the following options:

About the Lessons:

We will provide you the course material in the first lesson.  Learners will need to bring their own notebook and pens to class. For the communications component, we focus on developing all four language skills in the lessons; Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing and strive to make our lessons interactive.  At the end of your course, you will have to write an external examination.  Upon successful completion of the examination, you will be awarded a certificate by the IEB.  The pass mark is set to 50% to qualify for a certificate.


FLC courses are best suited to Trade and Occupation workers that are serious about developing their careers through further study. Learners who are competent at ABET Level 4 in English or Maths Literacy should be able to manage the FLC learning programme.  All learners will take a placement test to establish their levels prior to commencement of the course.

We are able to deliver courses at our premises or at your place of work.  Transport will be included in our quotation if the course is offered at your facility.  Come and study with LTC.

For further information regarding registration, please contact us at info@ltc-capetown.com or call 021 425 0019

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