A day at Mzoli’s

In the Gugulethu Township, 15 km’s outside Cape Town, South Africa, people have great parties in a restaurant famous for its red meat.

Mzoli’s is a unique place, punctuated by African house music and run by a rather interesting manager. Huge buckets of meat, barbecue sauce and an authentic atmosphere make the whole experience an unforgetable one for the fortunate visitors.

The owner of the place is usually sitting in a corner, on his red sponsored plastic Coca-Cola chair. Mzoli Ncgcawuzele started the business in 1999. One can see   many pictures on the walls of Mzol with famous local people. Everybody here knows him seeing that he has made the biggest investment in the history of Gulutethu with this restaurant and he still lives in the same township.

«  In every business, we need fondations, ours are the community of the township « , said Sisanda, his daughter, to whom you exchange your cash for huge portions of meat.

The resident DJ is called Master Cash. He comes from Johannesburg and has held the position since 2005. Here, House Music is a religion. « In South Africa, we do that all the time. At Mzoli’s, people eat and dance at the same time, it’s totally normal », said Master Cash.

Cape Town is definitely an electronic city, taken in a huge hype that attracts more and more foreigners. For the party, to have unforgettable experiences and see breathtaking landscapes.

Mzoli’s restaurant has managed to join the list of the coolest things to do in Cape Town.
But tonight, Master Cash is going to bed early as is the customs with South Africans. At the same time, they start the party at noon in a butcher’s shop.


Information : The address is Ny 115, Guguletu, Cape Town, 7751. First clients are foreigners (Mzoli’s open at 11 :30AM), locals arrive at 1 :30PM, after the Mass. You can get to the spot by uber or your own car.As long as you stay in Mzoli’s, you are welcomed and protected. If you want to know more about Townships, you can contact the many local guides.

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