10 tips to be a successful online language student

While travelling abroad to learn a language is currently very difficult, learning a language online is a great alternative. Nonetheless, it is important to practice the language outside the “classroom” just like your language course would have provided you.

Here are some very easy  tips to enhance your language skills and learn faster the language :

1- Review your notes every day after class and do your homework.

2- Listen to the radio in the language you are currently learning.
This is a great tool to improve your listening skills! Contrary to watching a movie with or without subtitles, you do not have the images to understand the context. Consequently, you will have to concentrate to understand what the presenter is talking about.

If you are beginner, start with short stories. Don’t be ashamed to read children’s books even.
If you are learning business English or if you are a little more advanced, read some press articles.
Reading will help you to better your grammar and your vocabulary.
While reading, write down the words you do not understand and check the meaning in the dictionary.

4- Have your personal vocabulary notebook
Write down all the new words you’ve learnt on a daily base. Writing down new words will help to improve your writing skills but also help you to memorize the new words.
Review this vocabulary list regularly so that you can check if you have integrated the words or if you still need to memorise them.

5- Watch movies in the language you are currently learning
Watching a movie is fun and while you are relaxing in front of the TV, you will learn new vocabulary and improve your listening skills.

6- Learn with songs
Songs are perfect to improve your listening skills. Music is also part of the culture of the new language you are learning. As learning a language is learning a new culture too, listening to music will bring you the cultural elements needed to comprehend this new culture.

7- Watch Ted Conferences and webminars
On top of learning the language, you will have some great insights from the Ted Conferences speakers. You will also develop your critical skills in this language.

8- Cook a “local” dish
Follow an online recipe and discover the flavours of this new culture!

9- Watch documentaries about the country
To learn faster the language, you need to understand the country’s History, geography and culture.
You can access great documentaries very easily online.

10- Have fun!
Having fun learning a language is a key component to learn faster.
You also need to understand that “nobody’s perfect” and making mistakes is part of the learning process. Just have fun with your new skills and dare!

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