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The Kruger National Park is a South African game reserve which offers you Africa’s best wildlife experience. Kruger Park is a protected area in the north eastern region of South Africa. A need was recognised in the late 1800s to protect the wildlife in the area from hunters. Paul Kruger, a former president of South Africa, proclaimed it a Government Wildlife Park in 1898. It was renamed Kruger National Park in 1926, becoming South Africa’s first national park.


With a total area of 2 million hectares, a length of 380 kilometres and a width of 60 kilometres, Kruger National Park is the largest Southern African game reserve. The Park includes 25 camps, with Skukuza Camp being the largest. The facilities include a golf course, medical centre, and a car rental service. The camps and designated picnic areas are the only places where people can leave their cars.


Did you know Kruger Park is larger in area than Israel? An estimated 950,000 people visit Kruger Park every single year! Kruger Park is well-known for its variety of animals. The park holds about 500 various species of birds, 115 types of reptiles, 147 mammal species, about 50 different kinds of fish, and countless species of insect. Besides the animals, there is a wide variety of trees and plants. The Big Five can be spotted here, as well as other animals such as hippo, hyenas, cheetah, crocodiles, and much more.

The Kruger National Park is one of the ultimate places to visit in South Africa. Visitors from Cape Town often fly to Johannesburg and endure a 4 hour drive to visit this African safari park! Other great places to see include:

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