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I love working at LTC for a variety of reasons. Firstly, we are a family at all times and we have a Director of Studies who has an open-door policy for both teachers and students, a General Manager who will assist us at all times despite a very busy schedule, and many others who play a huge role in making LTC the place it is.

I enjoy teaching many different nationalities and this provides insight into many cultures, languages and lifestyles. The classes are small so it’s easy to give individual attention to our students. We have many excursions to a variety of places which informs our students about Cape Town and this gives us opportunities to build relationships with students outside of the classroom. Excursions build friendships among the students and help them to enjoy their time at LTC.

The school is run like a well-oiled machine and that is due to lots of organisation. We follow an English only policy and they strive to adhere to it. The environment is warm and friendly and students definitely leave footprints in our hearts. I believe in touching lives and LTC succeeds at this.