How to choose your online language course?

Many options are behind the concept of “online language courses” :
Skype, Zoom, internal platforms accessible with tutors around the clock, Youtube channels, App, private tutor on Whatsapp … You can be lost in the jungle of online language courses! How to make the right choice? How to make sure the course will suit your expectations and personal agenda? Shall you invest or stick to “free” online courses? Well… It all depends on you! Here are some guidelines to find the right online language course for you.

1- Would you prefer a “personalized” learning environment?
It is important to know if you would prefer keeping the same teacher all along your online language course and hence, create a personal relationship with your teacher or if you prefer the flexibility of some online language platforms offering access to online lessons around the clock with different teachers following a script.

At LTC, we think that learning a language is learning a new “people skill” and consequently should remain “personalized” and friendly. Being comfortable with your teacher will also help you learning the language faster as you will dare to ask questions and speaking more.

2- Are you able to study by yourself?
A great number of free language course platforms or app require a lot of self-discipline! No one to check on your notes or making sure you even log in for your lessons. It also requires a lot of “research” after the lessons as no one can answer your questions. Are you strong enough to start this long journey on your own?

At LTC, your teacher will give you regular feedback and will make sure you attend your lesson. Attendance is part of the requirements for your certificate.

3-Why do you need to learn a language?
Do you want to learn a language for fun or personal development with no specific deadline or do you need to acquire this new skill for your academic  or career goals ?
If you have a specific deadline to learn a language, it would be easier for you to reach your goals with a teacher who will assess your needs and will advise you accordingly. Private online lessons are also best if you have very specific needs (if you need to prepare an exam or if you need to get ready for a new job) as the teacher can tailor the curriculum.

4-Do you need a certification at the end of your course?
If you need to prove your new skills, especially for your CV, you will need a certificate!
Pay attention to that key element when you decide on enrolling to your online language course.

5-Expertise and Accreditations
It is important to check the background of the online institution. How many years’ experience in language teaching? Is the institution accredited? Are the teachers certified?
Too many “private tutors” are “only” native speakers but never learned to “be a teacher” and even more an “online teacher”. It is consequently essential to check those points before investing in your online language course or you may be frustrated with your course taught by “amateurs”.

6- Check the learning environment
The format used to teach the language online is very important. Even if WhatsApp is very convenient as we all have it on our phones, it does not guarantee a great learning format. A teacher needs to be able to see your writing and give feedback immediately as well as having a “whiteboard” where the teacher can write so that you can work on your reading and writing skills. WhatsApp can be convenient to enhance your speaking and listening skills but will be very limited for an overall improvement.  You also need to check the device needed to log in. Is it limited to a computer access or can you join on your phone if need be?

At LTC, we have decided to teach via ZOOM. This platform does not require any technical knowledge from the customer and fulfills all the criteria to ensure a good online learning environment.

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