Five Life-changing Reasons to Learn a New Language

Deciding to learn a new language can open up a world of opportunity for you. It can, quite literally, change your life.

But it doesn’t need to be scary. LTC in Cape Town is all about making language learning enjoyable and relevant for our international and local students.

Here are some fantastic, life-changing reasons to immerse yourself in a new language…
Boost your self-confidence. Plucking up the courage to start speaking in a foreign language isn’t easy, but as soon as you do, your confidence will grow. What’s more, confidence in this area of your life will translate to others too, so the sky is the limit.

Keep your brain fit. You actually become smarter when you learn to speak a foreign language. Challenging your brain to recognise and negotiate meaning in a foreign language will keep you mentally fit, and in turn,
will improve your problem-solving skills. It also improves memory.

Have more fun while travelling. Learning a few phrases from a book may help you bargain for something in a colourful market, but being able to hold down a decent conversation with the locals in a foreign language, now that will definitely enhance your travel experience — and your
bargaining skills.

Expand your world. Our learning environment nurtures friendship among students. Friends learn new things about each others’ cultures.
This builds understanding and establishes common ground around
shared likes, such as sport. The world really is a global village. Goaaaal!

Make you more employable. If you want better employment opportunities and to achieve your career best, learn a new language. This will undoubtedly make you more attractive in the global marketplace. 
There are many more great reasons to learn a foreign language, all of which lead to the same end — transformation.

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