5 Benefits to studying English in South Africa – Cape Town

Who has ever dreamt of leaving everything behind and take the leap into the unknown in order to have an unforgettable experience abroad? In addition to travelling to the other side of the world, it’s also the opportunity to learn a new language. At LTC we welcome you to learn English, French, German, Portuguese or some of the traditional languages like Zulu, Xhosa and Afrikaans.

In this article we will introduce five benefits which are the most important when studying in South Africa. Start planning your next stay in Cape Town at LTC.

  • To discover a new culture completely different to your own. |
  • Coming to Cape Town will allow you the opportunity to meet the incredible rainbow nation of South Africa. You will immediately feel welcome and discover a new colourful mix of cultures
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  • Enjoy the South African way of life

Cape Town landscapes are unique, between ocean and mountains which offer endless activities (hiking up to Lion’s Head or Table Mountain, watching the sunset from Signal Hill or Camps Bay, sunset cruises, surfing at Muizenberg, kayaking at Sea Point…). Whether you are an ocean person or a mountain person you will find your happiness here.

You can enjoy the latter after your English courses on Thursday afternoons or on weekends. Our LTC team will be able to help you to organize everything you want.

  • Gain ripeness living by your own way

Being alone in a new country far away from your family and friends, will permit you to improve your ripeness. You won’t have choice to live by yourself and improve your adaptability skills.

  • To become bilingual in English

With your General Intensive English courses at LTC, you will definitely improve your English level whatever the level you have when you arrive.

Moreover, you will be in an international atmosphere, indeed you will meet new people from all over the world who speak English. It’s the opportunity for you to practice English everytime in your daily life at Cape Town.

Finally study English in Cape Town is a real plus for your future resume that your potential recruiter will appreciate. It will show him, an excellent English level as well as high skills of adaptability.

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  • A better knowledge of yourself and improve your self confidence

According a recent scientifique american study lead on 1 874 people, longer is the stay abroad deeper will be the knowledge of yourself. Indeed, being abroad will permit you to know what exactly what you are and what you want for you future. You will make a comparision from your own country and where you stay and see what the best for you

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