SamI am Sam, the Office Administrator for LTC. I was born in Cape Town and lived here all my life. I am proudly South African, as most would say.

I am really enjoying my time with the school and the team. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming. It feels as if I have been here for a very long time.

I deal with different duties on a daily basis from front of house, assisting the LTC team and students. I also enjoy assisting with the host families and agents to general admin duties and tourism as well.

My days are always different and challenging which makes it so much more exciting to be here. I get to meet different people from around the world and get to experience their cultures. It is always refreshing to learn from others and to teach them about Cape Town.

It has always been my passion to pursue office administration as it offers a good challenge, people would think that office admin is boring and just involves paper work, but with LTC it has an edge to it. I know that I can get an abundance of knowledge and experience as well as a family at LTC and that is what makes LTC a fun place to work and learn.