ChristianHi, my name is Christian.

I teach German as a Foreign Language at LTC. Teaching the subject to students of different backgrounds has been an enriching experience. Some students I teach face-to-face in a classroom setting and others I engage with in the virtual world of Skype. It is great to see that there is an interest in the German language, the language that induces curiosity and a language that is spoken across the globe by over 100 million people.

I consider myself to be a somewhat confused individual doing an awkward split between my German and South African heritage. Essentially, I am a German who grew up in South Africa or wait, am I a South African with a German upbringing?  One thing is however certain – I love Cape Town. It is a bustling metropolis with all the comforts that a city brings interlaced with the natural beauty that the mountainous, ocean-encroached landscape the peninsula provides.

I must add though that although Cape Town is wonderful, it is also isolated from the rest of the world, a world I still wish to explore. My eyes are set on Germany!