Business English (GE-BUS)

In modern society, business is based on international contacts and how well we communicate with them. Our school assists in building your business by improving your ability to communicate with clients in their mother tongue.

The course covers language skills for business meetings, presentations and business writing and can also include marketing, sales, finance and managerial English.

This course encompasses 30 lessons per week.

The course runs from Monday to Friday from 09H00 – 12H30 and 13H30 – 15H00.

We believe in having small classes of 3 – 8 learners as this allows us to facilitate a intimate learning environment.

Our course is open to anyone looking to learn the English language.

Price per student:
1 – 3 weeks: 310 Euro per week
from 4th week: 290 Euro per week

Specials Long term:
12 weeks: 3120 Euro


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